Prerequisites to get started with Spring Boot

The only prerequisite for learning any java based framework is  Java itself. So before getting started with the Spring Boot, you must have strong knowledge on:-

I. Core Java

Concepts related to 

  1. OOP Concepts,
  2. Method overloading
  3. Method overriding
  4. Abstract class
  5. Interface
  6. Collections
  7. Exceptions


You must have a little bit of knowledge of J2EE related technologies like:-

  1. Servlet
  2. JSP
  3. JDBC
  4. Web-technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

And additionally some design patterns like 

        Strategy, Singleton, Factory and MVC architecture

 Learn at least how to write a Servlet program and how to configure the servlet. Must have knowledge on how to connect the database using JDBC and at least know simple CRUD operations, must have knowledge on one database.

For more deep knowledge and for cracking interviews you may learn about spring modules like:-

  • Spring Core
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Data etc etc

As Spring Boot is built on top of Spring framework, for working into Spring boot you don't need to know all of these modules. This would also take a lot of time. So start from Spring core and then jump into others according to your interest.

Then it will be very interesting to learn spring boot.

For setting up a project you need to set a directory structure, properties file, build file with dependencies, testing codes and many more things required before getting started for actual coding. But do not worry about this? we have Spring Initializr to do the same, only you need just 5  min to understand it forever, click next to go to Spring Intializr.